Sunday, August 22, 2010

Scrapbooking away...

Here is another cute Scrapbook page, as I'm catch up on my 3year old's album.  Yes, I know I am majorly behind but I am working hard at catching up both his and his brother's.  Who by the way will be graduating in 3 more I must get his caught up sooner then later!
Okay, tell me this picture isn't the best!  What a look, he loved eating, lol still does ;) 

 I always try to find new and different ways of using embellishments, this time I added a blue safety pin to the ribbon.

And check out the SVG file I found of baby food jars, aren't they sooooo cute!  I found them at Love to Scrapbook, which by the way I love the little saying on her header "After you tell your husband where you would like to go on vacation he asks: "Why? Is there a scrapbook store there?"  LOL love it!  I had a hard time finding just the right spoon so I made one myself.  Once I ever learn how to share my own SVG creations I will most definitely share them as well!  Though I'm still learning  :^o

CTMH Animal Cookies pattern paper, Cranberry Ribbon & Cardstock, Dutch Blue Brads, Grey Flannel and Dutch Blue Cardstock


  1. I love this LO!!!! You did a very good job! The baby food jars look great! Thanks for the kudos!! Great job!